The should-be gay bars in Cebu

Gay bars in Cebu are known to be mostly strip clubs with young men called go-go boys dancing provocatively to win the hearts of their audience. 

Macho dancer is a more popular term for a go-go boy in the Philippines. They are mostly young with muscular or toned bodies and attractive. The handsome lads of the crop of macho dancers get the most wow from the audience while those who manage to impress have the bodies or the "asset".

But there is irony in having these strip clubs known as gay bars in the Philippines, especially in Cebu. A gay bar should be a hangout place for gays, not for supposedly gay yet straight dancers who cater to gay and women clientele for a night or a "short-time". It is mostly seen as a male-whore club than a place for hook-ups. 

With the relabeling of gay bars in Cebu into male entertainment clubs, the public would now have an idea what kind of club they want to go for hook-ups. Because really, desperate old gay men go to gay bars to watch boys dancing in just their bikinis. And these gay bars also cater to the matronas-- lonely old ladies who seek younger men. Although they are more seen as nymphomaniacs, I think labeling these women as such would be slanderous.

So which gay bars in Cebu to go to?

Gay bars in Cebu such as Navigator and Cheetah have a mix crowd of men and women. Korean women tend to flock in these clubs such as Tarzan and Naughty Ka, even Navigator and Cheetah. With this mix of crowd wanting to see young cute men in their almost-naked bodies while dancing to the beat of music or pole-dancing, hooking up in these gay bars means you have to hook-up with the dancers. And this hooking-up comes with a price. 

If you want to bring a macho dancer to your "table", you have to give him a strong drink of mostly rhum and coke. A shot of the drink would cost more than a hundred pesos, but it depends on the rate of a gay bar. Based from what I know from a conversation with a macho dancer, he gains commission in every shot of drink his customer orders.  And of course, there is another price to pay if you bring home a macho dancer.

And another thing, be prepared to hear shrills from the ladies (Korean, mostly) during ladies night in these gay bars such as Tarzan.

With the relabeling of these gay bars into male entertainment bars, I think the question now would be: where are the "real" gay bars?

A gay bar has a negative connotation in the Philippines because of the impression brought upon by the Pinoy pop culture in such movies as Sibak and Midnight Dancers. These movies portray macho dancers who are straight but with gay lovers. Meanwhile, other macho dancers juggle with relationships between a wife and a gay benefactor. The force to engage in gay sex is apparent in these movies because of financial needs and not because of their orientation. Sad to think? Yes, it is. But who am I to judge these male dancers.

In other gay side of Cebu, dance clubs such as Numero Doce and Alchology are labeled as bars or clubs where men can hook up with men. These clubs may be classified as M2M clubs or MSM bars. Though incidents of prostitution may have occurred, these clubs cater to men who want to be with men in a party setting, not in a provocative dim-light room with dancers gyrating with the music on a center stage.

Although girls are allowed in this kind of bar, the population is overwhelmingly male and it is possible for someone to see gay couples engaged in PDA.

There are other bars in Mango Avenue and even a place in Sanciangko where M2M hookups are possible. But these clubs are more famous because of the kind of crowd of mostly yuppies and some well-off coed students.

If you want to see men clad in just a g-string, go to male entertainment clubs. Be sure to prepare loads of cash especially if you want to hook-up with the dancers outside the bar.

But if you are into an MSM setting with a purpose of finding a special someone or like-minded friend or occasional hook-up without paying too much cash (only for a night cap, a late midnight snack or for a motel check-in), then head to dance clubs in Mango Avenue. Be sure to be in your best look though as this M2M crowd tends to be vain and choosy.

Gay bars in Cebu should be these dance clubs catered for M2M's. But I think, the gay community in Cebu would disagree on labeling these clubs as such because it would sound "cheap"to them.


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